What Are Industrial Hydro-Jetting Services?

Hydro-jetting services may be your best option if you deal with persistent sewer line obstructions. No business ever wants to clean up after overflow and backups. If you’re unfamiliar with industrial hydro-jetting services, you should keep reading. It may be exactly what you need.

What Is Hydro-Jetting?

To understand industrial hydro-jetting services, you need to understand what hydro-jetting is. It’s a technique where professional plumbers use high pressured water to remove clogs and slow-moving sludge from sewage lines. The water quickly washes away the heavy buildup.

Plumbers have to be careful with providing hydro-jetting services to older pipes. The effective plumbing technique could be too much for the lines and cause them to crack.

Restaurants will especially utilize hydro-jetting. Their pipes take a beating with all the fat, grease, oil, and food waste that enter the drainage system. Snaking is ineffective for the industry. Hydro-jetting will blast away all the food and congealed oil, fat, and grease clogging the pipes.

What Is the Process?

A plumber will first use fiber-optic video technology to locate the clog. They’ll also take time to assess your pipes’ health while looking around. The location and type of clog will determine which head and pressure will work best for the situation.

The plumber will then submerge the jet into the line. Then they’ll turn on the hydro-jet, and hot water will shoot into the sewer lines.

What Are the Benefits?

Industrial hydro-jetting services provide multiple benefits. It not only unclogs the pipes but also cleans them. You’ll spend less money and time making service and emergency calls with your cleaner pipes. Hydro-jetting is more effective and efficient than snake cleaning and other standard methods. No clog stands a chance against hydro-jetting.

It’s also environmentally friendly. There’s no chance of harsh chemicals escaping into the water system or soil since none are used in the process. Your business can feel good about utilizing hydro-jetting because it’s a safe procedure. You’ll be keeping employees and the community safe with your best practices.

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