5 Types of Commercial Used Cooking Oil Containers

Before used cooking oil can be safely picked up and recycled, it needs to be stored properly. In doing so, employees are better protected from burns and injury, pipes won’t form oil clogs, and the environment is better protected. Despite these benefits, not all used cooking oil containers are suited for every business. To help find the best one for you, here are five types of commercially used cooking oil containers.


Drums have been a tried-and-true method used to store used cooking oil for years. They’re a smaller and more affordable option, best suited for businesses that don’t use massive amounts of oil and don’t want to invest in a complex oil management system. However, these drums are best suited for outdoor use, and while most come with a locking ring, they are more susceptible to theft. But overall, they’re much easier to handle and won’t take up unnecessary space in your facility.

Small Enclosed Tanks

Small enclosed tanks can hold, on average, about 100 gallons of oil and are made with various forms of anti-theft protection. Most have direct pump connections available and easy dumping access. These tanks are also meant to stay outside, so all sides should be bolted down or welded to ensure the container is completely sealed. These tanks are best suited for smaller businesses that have issues with oil theft.

Large Enclosed Tanks

Most large enclosed tanks can hold up to 300 gallons of used cooking oil and are best suited for businesses that go through large amounts of grease. The larger the tank, the better the security system is—or should be—as these tanks are goldmines for grease thieves. These tanks also come with a way to directly connect to the oil pump. And because of their size, consistent cleaning is a must.

Inside Tanks

Typically, inside tanks are tall, cylindrical tanks made from steel. These tanks can hold up to 500 gallons of oil, meaning these tanks are heavy and typically stay inside. However, some companies do allow customizations so businesses can keep these tanks outside—after all, they take up quite a bit of space. Many of these inside tanks come with a control panel for ease of use and are connected directly to the waist oil trunk line.


Grease caddies are technically cooking oil containers, but they’re not for storage. These heated caddies typically can hold up to 20 gallons, but there are some with a capacity of 75 gallons. The caddies are made to transfer grease from the source to the outdoor tank rather than having a direct line installed. These are best suited for businesses that don’t go through a hefty amount of oil and don’t want to have a complex system installed in their facility.

While all these products serve the same purposes, knowing the different types of commercially used cooking oil containers can help you make the best decision for your business. Whatever container you choose, the next step is to call a contractor to remove that grease. Providence Environmental Concerns and Services is here to help you with all your waste recycling needs.

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