The Importance of Regular Grease Trap Cleaning

When you work in the restaurant industry, you understand grease traps are a vital part of a working kitchen. Do you have a cleaning schedule in place for the trap? If you don’t, continue reading this article to understand the importance of regular grease trap cleaning. It may be eye-opening and may encourage you to schedule frequent cleanings.

Cleaning Eliminates Foul Odors

The longer food and waste sit in your grease trap, the more likely they begin to rot and create stinky smells that can sneak back into the kitchen and restaurant. The odor doesn’t sit well with employees or people dining in. Regularly cleaning out the grease trap will help eliminate the food waste that has become trapped.

Explain to staff that not dumping food down the drain will also help keep smells at bay. Implement a no-food waste policy and dispose of debris in the garbage can. This rule will help keep the grease trap clean.

Longer Waits Lead to Harder Cleaning

Have you ever left a dish sitting in the sink or on the counter for longer than you should’ve? When you finally went to wash it, was it easy or difficult to clean? Over time, food begins to harden and stick to the sides of bowls, plates, or pots. Then, you end up having to scrub harder than you’d like.

The same is true for grease traps. The longer you go between cleanings, the more likely food is to adhere and harden to the walls. You’ll have fewer problems if you have the grease trap cleaned professionally on a regular basis.

Waste Damages the Tank

If you allow food waste to sit too long in the grease trap, it will begin to produce sulfuric acid. This chemical will damage the tank walls if you don’t have the grease tank frequently cleaned professionally.

It’s Better for the Environment

The more filled the grease trap, the less likely it is to function properly. Grease traps stop fat, oil, and grease from traveling into in-ground drainage fields and major waterways. The overflow from the grease trap is a health hazard and harmful to the environment. When you take the time to clean the grease trap, you can avoid receiving a hefty fine or citation for harming the water.

When you understand the importance of frequent grease trap cleaning, you’re more likely to implement a plan to take care of the trap. The first step is to hire a professional cleaning service. Contact Providence Environmental for your grease trap cleaning in South Carolina. We serve the entire state. Take a look at our website or give us a call to see how we can help your business.

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